Koala Sneaks Into Australian Home and Settles Into Christmas Tree

  • This could be the cutest Christmas ornament ever!
  • Amanda McCormick, who lives in Coromandel Valley near Adelaide, southern Australia recently discovered a koala hanging out in her Christmas tree!
  • The koala wandered into the woman's home and made itself comfortable among the ornaments and lights. 

McCormick called local koala rescue organization 1300Koalaz.

1300Koalaz wrote the organization in a Facebook post -

"This evening our hotline operator took a call. At first she thought she was the victim of a prank call...But no, a koala desperate to get in the Christmas spirit had wandered into Amanda McCormick's house and decided it wanted to be the fairy on the Christmas tree."

  • The koala was taken to a rescue organization and is healthy and safe.
  • Hello, Hallmark - thinking this could be a new Hallmark Christmas movie 'Koala for Christmas'???!

Photo: Getty Images

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