Sheila Kuehl Caught Dining at Restaurant after Voting to Ban Outdoor Dining

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This is an outrage! Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl was seen dining at a local restaurant in Santa Monica just hours after she voted to ban outdoor dining throughout the county! Kuehl defends her actions, telling Inside the Issues she was just stopping by one of her favorite restaurants, Il Forno Trattoria, to let the owners know about the changes and to say “goodbye for a while.”

“They’re a neighborhood restaurant, two blocks from my house, and the neighborhood is very supportive of them,” she said. “But when it became clear that this order was going to be issued, because we had reached, very quickly, a very high threshold, I went back for one last time to tell Joseph and Michael and my friends there that this was really a hard decision.”
“That's the best part of my home. I eat dinner there so much and I miss it and I understand how people are really sad to let go of it,” she said. “But, you know what? We are all in this together and unless we do it together and stop sniping at each other, we are not going to get through it and the restaurants can open up faster if we work together on it.”

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