Director Obtains Restraining Order Against Woman

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Steven Spielberg was granted a stay-away order against a woman he alleges is threatening to kill him.

The temporary restraining order was granted Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court against 48-year-old Sarah Abrams Char, directing her to stay at least 100 yards from the director, his wife and daughter. The documents do not identify the judge.

“Char's harassing messages and communications, many of them threatening harm, injury or death ... have been ongoing and continuous,'' the petition states.

Char was recently arrested for suspicion of criminal threats, harassment and stalking Spielberg, according to the petition.

“While I have not been injured physically, I have suffered substantial emotional distress and am extremely concerned Char will follow through on her violent threats, including death threats,'' Spielberg states in the petition.

“She has tried to approach me in the past and law enforcement and my security team believe Char presents a serious threat of violence to me, my family and Amblin Partners and its employees.''

Amblin Partners is the 73-year-old Spielberg's production company.

A hearing is scheduled Dec. 18 on whether to extend the order.

Photo: Getty Images

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