Couple In Irvine Arrested for Allegedly Stealing ''Bait Bike''

bicycle wheels, close-up

IRVINE (CNS) - A man and a woman in Irvine were arrested on suspicion of grand theft for allegedly swiping a bicycle equipped with a GPS locator, police said today.  

Due to an increase in bicycle thefts, the Irvine Police Department has place “bait'' bikes equipped with GPS locators in different locations throughout the city, the department reported.  

One such bike reeled in a couple at 8:49 a.m. Saturday in the area of Barranca Parkway and Paseo Westpark, police said.  

An Irvine Police Department dispatcher coordinated with officers to provide an updated location of the stolen “bait" bike and found it, in the area, in the back of a Ford Fusion occupied by a man and a woman, who were arrested on suspicion of grand theft.  

The Irvine Police Department did not release the name of the man and woman.

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

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