No Turkey For Fido--L.A. Animal Services Gives Pet Owners Thanksgiving Tips

Thanksgiving dinner

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Do not share of holiday meals with dogs and cats, Los Angeles Animal Services officials said.

Animal services officials urged pet owners to not share their Thanksgiving meals with pets because they can suffer serious and sometimes fatal consequences from turkey bones, too much rich and fatty food, and just plain overeating.

People are also asked to keep alcoholic beverages and wine-filled glasses away from their pets' reach, as alcohol can cause their blood sugar and blood pressure to drop dangerously.

And LAAS told pet owners to hide their chocolate, as even the smallest amount of baking chocolate can be toxic to pets.

Instead, LAAS officials said it's best to give the animals special treats on Thanksgiving that are tailored to their digestive systems, but the pets' regular meals should be reduced that day to make up for the treats.

If pet owners think their animal has eaten something toxic, they should call their veterinarian or local emergency pet clinic immediately, LAAS officials said.

More information on keeping pets safe during the holiday is available at

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