Plane Tags & Moto Art: An Alex Stone Special

The company is MotoArt in Torrance. They have a spin off company called PlaneTags. They make really cool items out of old airplanes – military and commercial. MotoArt makes high-end tables, art, and other items out of engines and ejection seats and such. 

PlaneTags has become insanely popular worldwide. Small keychains or luggage tags made out of skins of airplanes. They cost $25 to $75-ish depending on the plane. People buy and sell them like baseball cards online. There’s even a fan club online now. 


And if you have a family member who has flown a certain military aircraft they probably have a plane tag made out of that type of plane. Even for you movie geeks, you could get a tag made of the U.S. Airways jet that was used to make the movie “Sully.” When you hold that piece of medal you know it’s been around the world and all of the passengers it’s carried and the weather it’s been through. 

This is such a cool story because it's about a SoCal guy that has created this empire and is in high demand in the world of aviation to utilize old planes and to repurpose them. 

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Photo Credit: Motoart

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