Canadian Town Discourages Residents from Letting Moose Lick Their Cars

Officials in the alpine town of Jasper, Alberta have installed signs requesting that motorists not allow its wildlife to lick their vehicles.

Turns out, moose find the salt commonly found on cars, to be a delicacy that's hard to resist.

Jasper National spokesman Steve Young says it's more than just an obsession with salt the moose have but rather an essential "need for the minerals in their body."

Salt lakes in the park provide a steady diet of the mineral but moose are now realizing they can also sample the salt that splashes up onto cars.

Young feels it's dangerous for moose to get too comfortable with vehicles.

"Moose and cars are not a good mix. If you hit a moose with your car, you take the legs out from under it and it's going through your windshield."

Visitors are prohibited from feeding wildlife in national parks, facing fines up to $25,000 for violations.

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