@DarkSecretPlace - Manliest Man Wrestles Gator to Save Adorable Puppy

A 74 year-old Florida man may have earned the title, "Manliest man of the Year," after wrestling a gator to save his adorable puppy. A surveillance video shows Richard Wilbanks wrestle a fully submerged alligator back to the surface, forcing the gator's jaws open with his bare hands, before freeing his 3 month old dog, Gunner.

Courtesy: WINK

Following the incident, Wilbanks talked to WINK News, "It came out of the water like a missile. I never thought an alligator could be that fast. It was so quick... I just automatically jumped into the water." Wilbanks reports his hands having been "chewed up," by the gator, while saving Gunner, who escaped with a single puncture wound on his abdomen. Wilbanks received a tetanus shot for his efforts.

Adding to the impressiveness of this feat, Wilbanks never dropped his cigar from his mouth.

On KFI AM640's Super Hyper Local Sunday, Bryan Suits took a moment from local stories, to hail Richard Wilbanks, and ask if he could be his adopted grandson.

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