CUDDLY - Helping Those In Need With Companion Animals This Holiday Season

We recently introduced you to CUDDLY, an amazing crowdfunding platform designed to help animal welfare organizations worldwide.

CUDDLY believes that animals often 'rescue' us, and because they don't have a voice, it's our obligation to support and protect them whenever possible. CUDDLY's goal is to give all animals a healthy and loving home. Their unique crowdfunding platform enables animal welfare organizations to create fundraisers and wishlists to support the animals in their care. You can donate to provide medical care, medicine, food, toys and other items for animals in need. More than 2,000 animal welfare organizations work with CUDDLY globally to help animals all over the world.

Right now, they are working with The Giving Spirit, which provides immediate essentials of living and a human connection to homeless men, women, children and families in the Greater L.A. area by providing essential items to these people in need. But now, they are going a step further.

Many times, if someone living on the street wants to go to a shelter and they have a companion animal often times they aren't allowed to bring their animals with them. Not willing to leave their beloved companions behind, they instead stay on the streets. By partnering with CUDDLY, The Giving Spirit is also assembling and distributing animal companion kits to help provide for the homeless and their companion animals.

These kits include: collars, leashes, toys, treats, food, blankets and more. Not only does the program provide these kits, but it also focuses on increasing awareness and providing education to the community to instill a better understanding of how 4 legs can keep 2 legs alive and the benefits of providing support for those at are homeless and their companion animals.

Their goal is to assemble and deliver 1,000 kits this holiday season.... let's help them reach that goal!

CLICK HERE to make a donation to help provide thse animal companion kits to people in need. Or, text CUDDLY to 69922 to follow The Giving Spirit.

Follow CUDDLY on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @WeLoveCuddly

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