Must Listen : McClintock defends Newsom and the other HACKS !

Congressman Tom McClintock hit another HOME RUN !

You would think Tom would have taken Newsom and the Maui hacks to the woodshed for their antics and dishonesty.

No, not Tom.....

On the House floor, Tom applauded them for doing what we should ALL be doing, deciding what WE should do and living OUR lives without the government running OUR lives for us.

From the Sac Bee:

Gov. Gavin Newsom got an unlikely defender Thursday: conservative Rep. Tom McClintock, who said Newsom’s “night of partying should be a wake-up call to every American.”
The California Republican, who since the pandemic began in March has been blasting away at what he considers an overly intrusive government, found comfort in Newsom’s visit to Napa County’s French Laundry restaurant.
”Let us not criticize Governor Newsom. Perhaps he has just offered us all deliverance from his own folly. ... The governor SHOULD make his own decisions about running his own life. I only ask that he and his ilk would stop telling the rest of us how to run ours,” McClintock said in a House floor speech.

Tom talked to John & Ken about his House speech. Watch his speech on the House floor below.

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