CaliFoodItalia Donates 2,000lbs of Pasta to Pastathon

Huge thank you to Christopher Cenci, President and V.P. Bob Schuett of CaliFoodItalia /

CaliFoodItalia is a small company that set aside small quantities of their spaghetti over the last few months and have donated 2,000lbs of spaghetti to this year's Pastathon.

  • They have also created a code pastathon2020 for anyone that visits their site or to get 20% off their pasta and they will donate·20% of the proceeds to Caterina’s Club.

CaliFoodPasta is 100% traditional but with a really big benefit tied to health. They are actually diabetic friendly (it is a traditional pasta in every way with regards to taste, texture is simply milled in a very special way by a family in Italy). They participated in the JDRF OneWalk at the Rose Bowl in 2019 which is the diabetic version of a walkathon. CaliFoodItalia is hopeful their pasta can be a way to get pasta to families that normally have to avoid or at minimum not get to stock it because someone in the family has issues. Obviously everyone still needs to practice proper self evaluation when sampling and make sure they are good to go with the reaction of their systems but they have thousands of very loyal diabetic customers.

Follow them on Socials @Califooditalia & @FiberPastaUS

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