Waffle House has its own line of brewskies! 

Waffle House has now solidified itself as the supreme after party. Well, not exactly. 

The Oconee Brewing Company has collaborated with the southern mainstay to produce this red ale. 

The ‘Bacon & Kegs’ brew sports a yellow and black can with a digital drawing of a brick and mortar waffle house diner, a “Bacon and Kegs” Waffle House-styled sign, and a bacon and beer patterned background on its yellow backdrop. If the aesthetic isn’t enough to get you out to Oconee Brewing Company, might I add that the beer is BACON INFUSED! 

Don’t forget, where there’s bacon infusion, there’s that beautiful bacon aroma!

The beer is 6.5% abv., comes in a 12 ounce can, and will be released beginning Friday, December 18.

To purchase your ‘Bacon & Kegs’ individuals must purchase this bacon brew exclusively from Oconee Brewing Company… in Greensboro, GA. The elixir can be purchased in six pack, draft, and growler form.

So we recommend putting a plane ticket on your Christmas list or hope that you have a long lost Georgia relative coming to Christmas this year.

Join us as we talk this new brew, the meat hat, high times at Oreos, and wish you a Charcuterie Holiday season with our neighborhood fork reporter, Neil Saavedra.

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