Success of 8 Year-old's Plant Business Moves Family Out of Shed

8-year-old Aaron Moreno started a plant business to help his single mom, Berenice Pacheco, make ends meet after she lost her job because of the pandemic.

Moreno, an East Los Angeles resident, calls his plant business 'Aaron's garden'.

Aaron's Garden is doing so well, the family was able to move out of a shed they were living in and move into an apartment with a garage. They plan on using the garage to help Aaron's plant business flourish.

Aaron told ABC7 -

"I feel happier because we don't have to struggle as much as before,"

Things got even better after a friend started a GoFundMe page, which helped raise thousands of dollars. The family was able to buy a car and new furniture.

And Bernice Pacheco now has a part-time job.

Things are looking up.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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