Laura Beil, Award-Winning Host of Dr. Death, Returns for Season 2!

It’s rare for a victim of a botched surgery to forgive — and even to heap praise on — the doctor who paralyzed him. But what's even more rare is when the doctor turns out to be the victim’s best friend...

But that's exactly what the new episode of Dr. Death Season 2 is all about!

Laura Beil, the award-winning host and reporter of Dr. Death, returns this week for Dr. Death Season 2, a six-part investigation series from Wondery that follows some of the worst cases of medical insurance fraud in history!

And in this upcoming exclusive interview, Laura is joined by Jerry Summers, the childhood friend and victim of Christopher Duntsch, AKA “Dr. Death” — the notorious neurosurgeon now serving a life sentence for killing (and maiming) over thirty patients.

The new episode launches on Tuesday, November 17, but Gary and Shannon got to chat with Laura Beil TODAY to get a special preview!

Take a listen to the interview below:

Episodes of Dr. Death Season 2 are available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and the Wondery App... Click HERE to listen!

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