Cuddly Pet Of The Week : Sweet Maxine

If you haven't heard of CUDDLY, let us tell you about this awesome organization that we are partnering with to bring attention to animals in need.

CUDDLY believes that animals often 'rescue' us, and because they don't have a voice, it's our obligation to support and protect them whenever possible. CUDDLY's goal is to give all animals a healthy and loving home. Their unique crowdfunding platform enables animal rescues to create fundraisers and wishlists to support the animals in their care. You can donate to medical care, medicine, food, toys and other items that these animals need.

More than 2,000 animal welfare organizations work with CUDDLY globally to help animals all over the world!

CUDDLY says:

"As a company, we believe the best way for us to make an impact is by providing the "business" tools, namely fundraising, marketing, and a valuable community, to animal-focused non-profits so that they can fulfill their potential and continue to do good."

You can follow CUDDLY on:

Instagram / Facebook and Twitter @WeLoveCuddly

The precious pup in the photo above is named Maxine and she's had a really hard life.

She was used for breeding, so someone could make money off her litters, she existed to them solely for financial gain. She lived in horrible conditions, no one played with her, or cared for her or showed her any kind of the point where she developed several large masses on her stomach that no one bothered to treat.

Recently, Balooja's Foundation, a small rescue organization in Upland, rescued Maxine and is caring for her now. She's safe now and she will finally know the love and care she deserves. Those masses will be removed, but because of the severity of her condition they must be removed in stages, meaning multiple surgeries. Thankfully, her first surgery went well and she did well under anesthesia.

If you would like to help Maxine, CLICK HERE to read her entire story, support her medical care or to purchase items like toys, treats and food from her wishlist. You can also text the keyword CUDDLY to 69922 to follow Maxine's story and help support her.

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