@DarkSecretPlace - Someone Bought a Pigeon for $1.9 Million

A much less expensive pigeon

A Belgian racing pigeon, named New Kim, sold for $1.9 million, following a two-week long bidding war between two wealthy men from China. The two men, used pseudonyms (Super Duper and Hitman), presumably because they were afraid their mothers would punish them for being so irresponsible with their money.

The winning bid, by Super Duper, blew away the previous record amount paid for a Belgian racing Pigeon, last year, which was $406,000. Pigeon racing was on the decline worldwide, before it became a playground for wealthy international businessmen.

According to an interview with the AP, the head of the Belgian pigeon federation, Pascal Bodengien, said, “Everybody is interested in our pigeons."

On KFI AM640's Super Hyper Local Sunday, Bryan Suits talked about the Belgian pigeon business, and his brush with pigeon greatness.

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