"Monster Wolves" Installed in Japanese Town to Scare Off Wild Bears

Japan's second largest island has two new residents designed to ward off bears that have recently been found roaming its neighborhoods.

The town of Takikawa, on the northern island of Hokkaido, has purchased a pair of robot wolves that effectively serve as large scale scarecrows.

City officials became concerned as the increase in bear sightings in rural areas in western and northern Japan resulted in dozens of attacks this year, two of them deadly according to national broadcaster NHK. The government called together an emergency meeting to come up with ways to make its neighborhoods safer.

Machinery maker Ohta Seiki manufactures a robot called "Monster Wolf." The company mass produces the four-legged, shaggy-bodied, robots with glowing red eyes.

As the phony predator detects motion, it figuratively comes to life by moving its head, flashing lights and producing 60 different threatening sounds.

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