Billionaires Battle Over Gilligan's Island Theme Song

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful fight

That started from this $1 million sculpture, aboard this $32 million house

Gross was a mighty Bond man, with PIMCO brave and sure

Who covered the lighted glass art installation with poles & net.

Covered it with poles and a net.

His neighbor Towfiq, a CEO of data center development company

If not for the courage of the Towfiq, the ocean view would be lost

The ocean view would be lost

The lawsuit set ground on the shore of Laguna Beach, retaliation came next

With Gross, blasting Gilligan's theme song

The billionaire and his wife

The other billionaire, his wife and lawsuit

Over Gilligan's Isle

So this is the tale of our billionaires, they're here for a long, long time

They'll have to make the best of things, and it's an uphill climb

I tried... You get the gist and the play on words. I would give myself an A+ for thinking outside the box on this one.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

Go ahead sing-a-long at your leisure

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