Man Shot and Wounded by Anaheim Police Investigating Human Trafficking Case

Police car on the street

ANAHEIM (CNS) - A man in his 30s was shot today by Anaheim police as they were investigating a scheme to ransom undocumented immigrants from Mexico, police said.

Police were called about 11:30 p.m. Sunday by a family member of a human trafficking victim, Anaheim police Sgt. Shane Carringer said.

The suspects helped smuggle in undocumented immigrants and then held them for ransom an apartment building on Syracuse Street north of Lincoln Avenue, Carringer said.

Police put the apartment building under surveillance, and while officers were eyeing the location, they were approached by a man and a confrontation ensued, resulting in the shooting about 6 a.m. in the 100 block of North Syracuse Street, Carringer said.

The man, whose name was not immediately released, was taken to an area hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, Carringer said.

Police have not yet determined if the man shot had anything to do with the smuggling scheme, he said.

Police located the victim who drew them to the location, as well as 10 other individuals who were in the apartment, Carringer said. It was not yet clear if they were all being held against their will, he added.

Several suspects have been taken into custody, Carringer said, including the alleged ringleader. Not all of the undocumented immigrants came from Mexico at the same time, he said.

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