Republican Lawyers Are Fighting to Stop The Steal

Trump Supporters Hold "Stop The Steal" Protest At Pennsylvania State Capitol


As predicted, lawyers are taking over now. Who knows how long and where this goes...

California GOP lawyer Harmeet Dhillon just put out this must read:

The Trump campaign and state-level Republican Party organizations have filed lawsuits in Michigan and Georgia, as well as new lawsuits in Pennsylvania, where the U.S. Supreme Court has requested Democrats respond to a motion by the Trump campaign to intervene in an earlier suit over Pennsylvania’s decision to keep accepting new mail-in ballots for days after Election Day, in violation of state law. In addition, private, non-partisan groups such as the Thomas More Center’s Amistad Project are in Michigan and Pennsylvania over specific allegations of election law violations that could affect the outcome of these critical vote tallies.
The Democrats charge that these lawsuits are intended to “stop the counting of votes,” but that is the exact opposite of the truth. When these Democrat officials — who stopped reporting votes in the middle of the night as Donald Trump was accumulating a victory margin — talk about the Constitution, they are gaslighting the American people. Republicans seek to ensure that every single valid vote be counted in exactly the way the law demands. Why would election officials in multiple locations controlled by Democrats seek to block Republican poll watchers’ view of the counting process? There is no valid reason for this.

John & Ken talked to Harmeet about her piece, where we go from here and much more.

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