Mom Claims Someone Put Drugs in Child’s Bag During a Trunk-Or-Treat Event

A Simi Valley mom says one child got more than just candy at a trunk-or-treat event.

Anastasia Lenske held the pre-Halloween festivities last Friday in hopes to bring some normalcy to the local kids.

Another mother found a ziplock bag containing four circular blue pills and one white cylinder-shaped pill while sanitizing her child's candy wrappers.

Police identified the pills as oxycodone and Alprazolam, both of which are controlled substances with a high risk for addiction.

While Lenske admits she received some backlash for doing the event, she believes that this was an accident.

“I don’t think anyone intentionally put it in there. There’s no way someone’s gonna hand out a handful of medication to one kid. If they truly wanted to target kids, there would be several kids, several incidences. I think if they truly found a bag of candy or a bag of medicine in the candy, it was an accident, fell out of someone’s pocket.”

Police are investigating the incident and are reminding parents to thoroughly check their children’s candy.

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