Florida Man Steals A Bulldozer To Swipe Campaign Signs

The 2020 election is almost here, but not before we get one last 'Florida Man' story...

Police say 26-year-old James Blight of Haines City stole a bulldozer and drove it through a neighborhood, vandalizing lawns that had any Biden-Harris campaign signs. Witnesses say Blight used the bulldozer to dig up signs, damage lawns, and knock over fences. He also allegedly knocked over a speed limit sign!

Blight claims he was drunk and doesn't remember what he did... However, some believe Blight's rampage was racially motivated, taking place in a predominantly black neighborhood.

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Photo: Getty Images

"Blight told police that he had been drinking whiskey all day and did not remember most of the day," Mike Ferguson, public information officer for the Haines City Police said. "He said that he couldn’t help but hit the Joe Biden signs and acknowledged to taking down a fence in the process. Blight said he did not know how to operate the equipment."

Has 2020 made us all crazy?! Short answer: Yes.

Read the full story on ABC News.

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