Yashar Ali Says One Of Garcetti's Top Advisers 'Forcibly Kissed' Him

Yashar Ali is a popular journalist who has contributed to HuffPost, NBC News, and New York Magazine. And on Monday night, he posted an article accusing one of Mayor Eric Garcetti's top advisers of "forcibly" kissing him...

But not just once -- Ali claims it happened over the span of a decade, and even cited sources.

In the article, titled Exclusive: Mayor of Los Angeles Repeatedly Witnessed Top Adviser’s Alleged Sexual Misconduct," Ali writes that from 2005 to 2015, adviser Rick Jacobs forcibly kissed him on the lips at multiple events. He also said these incidents happened in front of others.

“I never want to put myself in the middle of a story, but in this case, I’ve been left with no choice. Several prominent news outlets have slow-walked this story. I also ethically can’t report out this news without revealing that I have been a victim of Jacobs’ misconduct as well,” Ali wrote.

Click HERE to read Yashar's Newsletter.

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