Corbin Carson's Series on Voter Fraud Part III: Voter Fraud & Fears vs Data

Workers Process Mail-In Ballots In California

Election fraud has been studied by multiple media outlets, think tanks, universities and even two Presidential task forces ordered by George Bush Jr. and Donald Trump.

But people are still fired up about Voter Fraud.

In fact, most voters I talked to as part of this series have articulated an array of genuine concerns about the safety of the 2020 election.

I explained to some that I got to know during interviews about a year-long study I spearheaded on voter fraud in 2012 in which a team of News21 reporters begged for cases of voter fraud from all 3,141 counties. The results were compiled into a first of its kind, exhaustive database that continues to be cited by dozens of media outlets and academics as the most exhaustive data on election fraud from 2000 to 2012.

The results? 2068 cases of more than a dozen different types of election irregularities during the 12-year period when more than a billion votes were case. 

And few cases that involved actual votes being cast.

The database was even updated in 2016 with the similar results.

However the voters I talked to - who I had developed a bit of a rapport with during the interview - still expressed genuine concerns about voter fraud.

Part 3 will listen to those voters and take the concerns academic, election and law enforcement officials to shed light on some protections that may be in place, and hopefully dissuade at least some of those fraud fears.

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