Dr. Wendy Gets Real About Sex Trafficking in the Modelling Industry

Today of the Dr. Wendy Walsh Show, Dr. Wendy gets REAL and shines a light on sex trafficking in the modeling industry!

Joining Dr. Wendy in the important discussion are guests:

'The Guardian' Investigative Reporter Lucy Osborne, whose exposé "Linda Evangelista praises women accusing her ex-husband of rape" is the catalyst of this conversation.

Former Super Model Ebba Karlsson, a victim of Marie’s; who now serves as the International True Star Coach and founder of True Star coaching.

And Blue Greene, 17-year-old, victims-rights-advocate, survivor of sexual assault who has created the website roadtoredefine.org, which is an online resource for survivors of sexual violence to watch videos from experts and read personal narratives from survivors in order to understand what has happened to them and redefine their sense of self.

In addition Dr. Wendy introduces the Model Alliance, a nonprofit launched in February and dedicated to improving the labor conditions and rights of models. 

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