@DarkSecretPlace - Nuke Bizzle: Dumbest Criminal Alive

Photo Courtesy YouTube

Rapper Nuke Bizzle was arrest Friday night, after being accused of fraudulently receiving $1.2 million in unemployment benefits, through the use of stolen identities. Ironically, Bizzle, whose real name is Fontrell Antonio Baines, recently bragged about committing the crime in a recent song, called "EDD." He's facing a possible 22 years in prison, after getting charged with three felonies: access device fraud, aggravated identity theft, and interstate transportation of stolen property.

In his song, "EDD," Bizzle, and rapper Fat Wizza, talk about "getting rich off of EDD," and drop the line, "you gotta sell cocaine, I just file a claim."

On KFI AM640's Super Hyper Local Sunday, Bryan Suits gets a good laugh from the story, and newscasters repeating the, "you gotta sell cocaine, I just file a claim," line.

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