Sign the Petition to Keep Village Pizzeria in Larchmont Open!

The coronavirus pandemic has been tough on everyone, but it's been especially tough on local businesses...

The latest local business to feel the painful effects of the pandemic is Village Pizzeria, a very popular pizzeria in Larchmont.

“This is real. This is as real as it gets,” said Steve Cohen, the owner of Village Pizzeria.

Cohen said he's tried to come to an agreement with his landlord, however he hasn't had much luck. So instead, he decided to start a petition to gather signatures in hopes of keeping the local favorite pizzeria open.

"We support and stand behind Village Pizza," the petition reads. "We urge American Commercial Equities to negotiate a fair resolution. If American Commercial Equities does not manage a deal with Village Pizza, we - the Larchmont & LA community - will boycott the property and any businesses that fill the vacancies."
“We have been blessed with a strong business," Cohen added. “We're facing an insurmountable challenge, but Village Pizzeria isn't facing that challenge alone."

According to other shop owners in Larchmont, even more businesses may be forced to close before the end of 2020... And there's no doubt that would drastically change the community.

"If I go, and Village Pizzeria and a couple other places go, there will be nothing left in Larchmont,” Dimitrios Houndalas, owner of Le Petit Greek, said.

Click HERE to sign the petition to save Village Pizza.

Read the full story on NBC4 Los Angeles.

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