U.S. Government Taps Gardena Company to Produce Millions of COVID-19 Gowns

GARDENA (CNS) - StringKing, a Gardena-based sporting goods, custom-fit apparel and PPE manufacturer, announced today it has won four Defense Logistics Agency contracts to produce 19 million disposable isolation gowns over the next 12 months.

In April, StringKing began leading a team of 1,200 people producing 140,000 cloth face masks per day in Los Angeles by partnering with prime contractor Unifire Inc, a manufacturer and distributor of fire, rescue, police and military equipment.

StringKing is directly producing 12 million isolation gowns, and has partnered with three garment manufacturers In Los Angeles to produce an additional 7 million, according to CEO Jake McCampbell.

“We want to expand the U.S. PPE manufacturing base and reduce America's reliance on other countries in times of emergency,'' McCampbell said. “This is the main reason we are partnering with additional manufacturers In Los Angeles. We are providing other companies the technologies that we've developed and guiding them through the quality control requirements for medical devices.''

The contract, for the “lowest price technically acceptable'' level 2 or 3 disposable isolation gowns, had 25 awards out of 129 bids, according to McCampbell, who did not disclose the value of the four contracts that StringKing secured.

StringKing's gown materials, design and manufacturing processes have evolved over the past six months, according to the CEO, who said the company's 11th disposable gown version “utilizes an ultrasonic welding technology that both attaches panels together and ensures liquid barrier protection.''

Photo: Getty Images

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