California: One Of The Happiest Places To Live... According To Gavin Newsom

California Governor Gavin Newsom And Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf Speak On State's Actions On Homelessness Crisis

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Governor Gavin Newsom addressed the growing number of frustrated residents in California on Monday, answering questions and encouraging them to reconsider leaving the state for good.

“I’ve lived here half a century,” Newsom said, “and heard this pretty much every decade...”

“I’d just encourage folks who are leaving to consider that this state, just 6-7 months ago this state was dominating in so many sectors,” he added. “And those core tenets of this state remain unchanged, despite some of the challenges that we face.”

Newsom even went as far as to say that "California remains one of the happiest places to live," citing a recent WalletHub 'Happiness Index' survey where the state ranked number six. However, we know just a few people who might disagree with that statement...

“In this last decade we have been enjoying economic prosperity the likes of which few states have seen,” Newsom said.

And according to the governor, California has seen 3.8% GDP growth in the last 5 years, as well as 120 consecutive months of net job creation.

"Record surpluses. Record reserves. Record level of business startups. More scientists, more researchers, more Nobel laureates in this state than in any other state in the nation…The finest system of higher education anywhere,” he claimed.

But a September report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests otherwise, citing that "all 50 states and the District had jobless rate increases from a year earlier.”

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