Our Crazy COVID Dreams and Your Calls

One of the strangest things about coronavirus is how different it can affect people. It seems like the list of possible symptoms grows daily. But there's one thing, for apparently everyone, that has been affected by the pandemic, whether they've contracted the virus or not, our DREAMS!

Research out of Harvard surveyed 3,700 people all over the world. People from every corner of the globe reported super strange changes in their dream life. They were described as being longer, more bizarre, more unsettling and more vivid.

The researcher Dr. Deirdre Barrett noticed a few themes were popping up more often than usual. Any of these feel familiar: fears, anxiety, trauma, solution-seeking or post-apocalyptic scenarios?

The doctors guess the stress of the stay-at-home orders and the changes of lifestyle EVERYONE in the world has experienced has caused the wacky disruptions in our dream lives, more so than even the fear of contracting the virus. They also say that if you're not happy with the twisty turns your dreams have taken, you can actually take matters into your own hands. Think about what you'd actually like to dream of before drifting off.

To read the full article, click HERE.

Listen to our callers ask Dr. Wendy about missing a best friend, a truck out of control, being startled awake, a fire, cats, and a visit from a passed loved one.

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