Jen & The House Whisperer on Curing Smart Home Confusion

Our homes and devices are smarter than ever! But... they still don't seem to be quite smart enough.

Today Dean Sharp joined the show to explain exactly what a 'smart home' is, and the three steps you can follow to build the perfect one!

Dean simply defines a smart home as any system that reduces your time and/or effort in the performance of mundane tasks. Therefore, making your everyday life easier!

Here are Dean's three steps to building a proper smart home:

Step 1: What do you want your home to be smarter about?

Here are five major categories to get you started…

• Security

• Lighting

• Safety

• Entertainment

• Appliances

Step 2: What smart home brands effectively interface with your smart phone and AI assistant?

AI assistants include...

• Alexa - Amazon

• Siri - Apple

• Cortana - Microsoft

• Google Home Assistant

Step 3: Begin building a network of integrated devices

Some of Dean's favorites include...

• LifX bulbs

• Brilliant controllers

• Ring and Nest

• Sonos

Listen below to hear Jennifer and Dean discuss it all:

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