LA Metro hotline costing taxpayers thousands per call

We at the John & Ken Show haven't mentioned the name Sheila Kuehl in quite some time. Sheila has been a career hack politican for many years both in the California Senate and Assembly. Sheila is basically a left-wing socialist who never says no to raising your taxes.

Now, because you voters are insane, Sheila is an LA County Supervisor. Career politician.....

Fox 11's Bill Melugin joined John & Ken to discuss his report that claims Sheila helped get her best friend and campaign donor a fat sweetheart contract that is screwing LA County taxpayers for more than $800k. Just another back-scratching deal that you knew nothing about.

We all should have been career politicians....$$$$$

Fox 11's Bill Melugin: A months-long FOX 11 investigation has revealed that an L.A. Metro sexual harassment hotline operated by a local charity is currently costing taxpayers more than $8,000 per call after a series of no-bid contracts to operate the hotline were awarded to the best friend and campaign donor of L.A. County Supervisor & Metro board member Sheila Kuehl after her office privately pushed for Metro to hire the charity.

Listen to John & Ken talk to Bill Melugin about his shocking report.

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