Dr. Lucy Jones & Tim Conway Jr. Discuss Friday Night's Earthquake

Dr. Lucy Jones is a world-renowned disaster scientist who works with both the publicand private sectors to increase our communities ability to adapt in times of natural disasters and other crises... But you probably know her best as the 'go-to voice of calm and reason' during major events -- like earthquakes!

In 2016, she founded the nonprofit Dr. Lucy Jones Center for Science and Society. Since then, it's become the most reliable resource for building more resilient communities -- especially in this unpredictable and often chaotic world.


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According to Dr. Jones, her life's work is to understand and communicate where our greatest vulnerabilities lie as a community... And she wants to make sure we all know what actions to take when the time comes.

So TONIGHT, Dr. Lucy Jones joined the Tim Conway Jr. Show to bring us all that voice of calm and reason we so desperately need -- especially after that 4.5 magnitude earthquake in LA on Friday!

Want to make sure you're even more prepared for the next earthquake??? Look no further...

Dr. Jones is hosting a discussion on Friday's earthquake, where she'll dive deeper into Los Angeles' earthquake history -- and explain exactly what it all means for us. All you have to do to join is become a member of the Dr. Lucy Jones Center Patreon.

"With your support, Dr. Jones and the Center can continue to advocate for community resilience and provide reliable, practical, scientific information to those preparing to respond to crisis," the Patreon states. "This includes city officials, state and federal agencies, neighborhood advocates, business leaders, and parents and educators. Your support will make sure that the next disaster has a better outcome. You'll get science into the hands of decision-makers who can make decisions that actually protect and support you."

Click HERE to become a member!

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