Gov. Newsom Addresses EDD's Two-Week Reset During Monday Press Conference


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During a press conference on Monday, Gov. Gavin Newsom spent some time addressing the issues many Californians are still experiencing with the state's Employment Development Department, or EDD.

Calling the state's backlog of unemployment claims "unacceptable," he also announced that the EDD will be taking a 'two-week reset period' to clear it out and better prevent fraud -- meaning no new claims will be accepted during that time...

"This system is a 30-year-old technological system," Newsom said. "They need to be upgraded and frankly they need to be strewn into the waste bin of history. Nevertheless, we've inherited a bit of that waste bin and we've been trying to piece it together."

But while Newsom claims he is working to make things right, an EDD strike team recently found that 600,000 workers have still not received any of the benefits they applied for -- at least three weeks ago.

"We want to meet people where they're at," Newsom said on Monday.

But thankfully, this two-week freeze on new EDD claims shouldn't make it take any longer for people to get their benefits, EDD strike force leader Yolanda Richardson says.

"Forty percent of UI claimants were going into a manual process, and by embracing this reset we are giving them a 90% chance going forward of having a much faster experience," Richardson said. "This is about getting a check in their hand much faster."

Check out more details on ABC 7.

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