Selfie-Taking Monkey's Photos Go Viral! I'm So Jealous...

It's time to do some self-reflection. When a monkey has better skills with a smartphone than moi? It's time to reinvest in my skill set.

Zackrydz Rodzi is a computer science student in the southern state of Johore of Malaysia. Rodzi says he woke up from a nap and was confused when his smartphone wasn't in it's case. The phone was missing for two days until he heard the phone ringing from his backyard, which happens to be on the edge of a jungle. He found the phone covered in mud and leaves but still working.

The mystery to how the phone made it's way out to the jungle was answered when he checked his photos.

Some of the long-tailed macaque's mad phone skills:

  • He knows how to take selfies
  • He knows how to take an upside photo (Done this accidentally)
  • He can record (Impressive)
  • Slow-motion videos (I can't do that)
  • Time-lapses (Definitely can't do that)
  • Portraits ( How do you take Portraits?)
  • He also took some sweet nature shots
  • And was very aware of a good backdrop

*I have a call out to this cheeky little monkey to see if he tutors.

By the way, there is no truth to the rumors that the monkey ordered hundreds-of-dollars worth of items off Amazon. Completely false. Although he has been contacted about being an "Influencer".

They think the monkey got into the house through an open window.

He left the phone in better condition than most teenagers. He may of tried to eat the phone, little bite marks and the screen was torn - which is odd since the macaque usually eats fruits, crabs, flowers, leaves, fungi, grasses and clay, with a side of insects.

The bizarre incident is not the first time a monkey has managed to take a selfie. In 2011, a photographer’s camera was picked up by a rare crested macaque on an Indonesia island who then managed to accidentally take a selfie. 


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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