Samuel L. Jackson Will Teach You How To Swear... If You Register To Vote!

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The 'professor of profanity' has decided to put his foul language to use -- for a good cause!

Actor Samuel L. Jackson just announced that he'll teach his fans to swear... if they swear to register to vote!

Jackson sent out a video on Monday, saying "I will teach you to swear in fifteen different languages," but that's only if 2,500 of of his over 8 million Twitter followers go to and register to vote (or just check if they're good to vote on Election Day).

“Go now and you may get a very special 'tutorial' from me! Every vote Counts!” he added.

Multiple fans replied to Jackson's tweet with "You got yourself a da** deal," among other profanities.

Are swearing lessons from the "Captain Marvel" and "Pulp Fiction" star enough to get YOU registered to vote? If not... what would it take?! Tweet us your thoughts!

Click HERE to make sure you're #GoodToVote with Samuel L. Jackson.

For more details, visit The Hill.

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