Death Toll Rises As California's Wildfire Catastrophe Continues

The west coast's wildfire catastrophe isn't showing any signs of slowing down... Officials now confirm at least 36 people have been killed, and dozens more are missing.

There are currently 16,500 firefighters battling 28 major wildfires just in California alone; and there are also fires raging in Oregon and Washington state. To make matters worse, weather conditions in Northern California aren't expected to get any better in the next few days -- as winds are forecasted to reach up to 40 mph.

The United States Postal Service even temporarily closed some post offices in all 3 states because of the dangerous conditions.

“This is a climate damn emergency," Governor Gavin Newsom said recently during a press conference. "This is real and it’s happening."

But fire season is nothing new for California, so why aren't the state's leaders doing anything to try and change it???

Wildfires Burn Thousands Of Acres Across California

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According to a poll from UC Berkeley, California alone lost a net total of 1 MILLION residents between 2007 and 2016 -- with more than half of the state's voters claiming they considered leaving for political reasons alone. High taxes, poor government services and representation, and add the risks of wildfires on top of that...

Suddenly California doesn't seem so dreamy.

“Concerns about the high cost of housing span virtually every demographic, regional and political subgroup of the state’s registered voters,” said Mark DiCamillo, director of the Berkeley IGS Poll.

But wait! There's more!

The cost of wildfire insurance for California residents has also caused a decrease in home sales... Driving more residents to leave the state they once called home.

If this is such a 'climate damn emergency,' what are our government officials doing? Wasting time as the state burns? We surely hope not...

Read more about California's disastrous forest management on the National Review.

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