#FeelGood Baby Goat Is Reunited With His Mother Thanks To Good Samaritan

If it weren't for cute animal videos, I'm not sure I would survive this pandemic. They warm my heart and make me remember that there ARE good things in the world.

With that said, after watching this video, I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying! But yes, I'm crying...in a GOOD way.

Meet Shawarma D. Goat. He has set the internet on fire after a caring family in the Philippines helped him out of a tough situation.

Ken Arceo and his family happened upon a baby goat that was trapped in a pit in a field.

The family, concerned that the kid (that's what a baby goat is called for those who didn't know) wouldn't survive for long, helped it out of the pit and brought it home for the night and named him Shawarma.

Ken noticed that once home Shawarma cried incessently and tried to nurse on his shirt, so he Googled some information about how to care for a goat and found out that he could try bottle feeding (it was a tough sell to Shwarma), that they're sensitive to light and cold, so he did what he could to reduce that stress for the lilttle guy and he also learned that they're very social, they like to be with other goats. Well, with no other goats at home, Ken had to do his best to be Shawarma's buddy and cuddle up with him for the night, which relaxed Shawarma to the point that he finally stopped crying and got some sleep.

After about 24 hours, Ken and his family ventured out to see if they can find the other goats Shawarma was likely with when he got lost. As they set Shawarma down, the little guy started to cry. Shortly after, in the distance you see several other goats.... and suddenly Shawarma recognizes someone and goes bounding over to what looks to be his mom, because the first thing he does is attempt to nurse! I guess he really didn't get much milk from that bottle feeding.

Ken was so happy to see Shawarma reuinited with his family that he created a video of the 24 hours he spent with Shwarma. The video has had more than 2.4 million views and has reminded all of us, there are still sweet things in this world.

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