Matt "Money" Smith Talks About the Spectacular SoFi Stadium

SoFi Stadium is officially kicking off the NFL season September 13th. Finally...

Your Los Angeles Rams host the Dallas Cowboy in the first Sunday-night game of the season. Although, it may be a year before actual fans can attend a game at SoFi.

They are calling it a luxury experience and from what I am hearing it will blow our minds. They are estimating that it cost between 5-6 billion dollars, making it the most expensive stadium ever built.

SoFi has a capacity of 72,000, Rose Bowl in Pasadena that opened in October 1922 has capacity of 92,542 and the Coliseum that opened in June of 1923 has 93,607.

SoFi is not just a football stadium, it's also an entertainment / retail mega-complex. Some amazing features to look forward to at SoFI. If you are wonder if every seat in the house has a good view? The video-board / scoreboard is bigger than the football field and it hangs suspended over the field.

  • 120 yards long and roughly 75 yards wide 20% longer and 50% wider than the regulation football field itself. The largest panel on this board is 40 feet.


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