Metrolink Debuts Discounted Day Pass to Help Riders Plan Their Work Commute

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Metrolink introduced a new feature today to offer riders the option to purchase five one-day passes and choose the days they travel, as work commute patterns may have changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Metrolink said its 5-Day Flex Pass will help people who need to get to their workplaces less frequently than the traditional daily commute, and the flex pass provides five one-day passes customers can use whenever they need to travel, which are valid for 30 days and offered at a 10% discount.

“Many commuters have spent the quarantine working from home, and their employers have realized that telecommuting can work,'' Metrolink Board Chair Brian Humphrey said. “We know what worked for our riders before COVID-19 won't necessarily work for them today. We expect the 5-Day Flex Pass will be a great option for those with adjusted office schedules.''

The 5-Day Flex Pass is available on the Metrolink mobile app. To purchase, riders choose their origin and destination stations, then select 5-Day Flex Pass from the ticket menu. Once the pass is purchased, riders will find five one-day passes in their mobile app ticket wallet.

On the day of travel, riders can activate one of the day passes before boarding, which will expire at the end of the day.

“As we collectively look ahead to Labor Day, our community is working hard to breathe life back into our economy in a way that makes sense for our workers post COVID-19,'' Metrolink CEO Stephanie Wiggins said. “For Metrolink, that means supporting our region's workforce with smarter, better essential services that meet their needs now and into the future.''

Face masks are required aboard Metrolink trains and on station platforms, and the rail service provider said it has implemented enhanced deep-cleaning protocols, including the use of an electrostatic sprayer that mists each train car with hospital-grade disinfectants every day.

Metrolink said it has also expanded its Clean Care Crew that cleans, wipes down and disinfects trains throughout the day.

The 5-Day Flex Pass will be available during a six-month pilot period and may be added to permanent fare options and Metrolink ticket machines once its value to customers is determined, Metrolink stated. More information is available at

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