LA28 Releases Ever-Changing Emblem for Summer Olympic Games


LOS ANGELES (CNS) - The organizing committee for the 2028 Los Angeles Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games released an animated emblem for the games today, an ever-changing logo intended to celebrate the city's diversity.

Built for the digital age, LA28 said the emblem is designed to evolve over time, reflecting the city's spirit.

“L.A. defies a singular identity. There is not one way to represent Los Angeles,'' LA28 Chairman Casey Wasserman said. “Every neighborhood, every block, every person has their own unique identity and story of L.A. The LA28 Games will showcase our community's collective creativity and celebrate the diversity that makes us strong.''

Anchored with a static L, 2 and 8, the LA28 emblem allows for a spectrum of stories with an interchanging A.

“Los Angeles is an infinite canvas that represents millions of people and hundreds of languages,'' LA28 Chief Marketing Officer Amy Gleeson said. “No one mark could ever express all that Los Angeles and the Games represent. The best way to showcase the LA28 Games is by asking the community to share in

the creation.''

Designed to be a platform for creativity, self-expression and inclusion, the LA28 emblem represents a collection of voices, rather than a singular monument or landmark, organizers said.

To celebrate the launch of the emblem, more than 20 people brought their personal stories to life through an artistic A in the LA28 emblem. Over the next eight years, LA28 organizers said the emblem will represent many stories from the community.

More information on the LA28 emblem can be found at

Photo: Getty Images

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