New Car Brand Polestar Seeks to Challenge Tesla

Looks like Tesla has some competition. Or do they?

Our good buddy Dave Kunz, ABC7 Car specialist reviewed the new alternative-fueled car called Polestar.

J.P. Canton, director of communications for Polestar in North America says -

"Polestar is the new performance electric car brand from the Volvo and Geely car groups. So you get the safety and security of what we like to call a 92-year-old startup,"

Dave says to think of Polestar as Volvo's more specialized cousin.

Polestar 1, which definitely has Volvo's DNA in its design.

  • The structure of the Polestar 1 is made of carbon fiber
  • It's a plug-in hybrid
  • About 60 miles of battery range,
  • A total of over 600 horsepower from its combined gasoline and electric motors.

Now remember this is a flagship for the brand so when I tell you the sticker price is $160,000 don't be surprised. There will only be a few hundred sold in the U.S.


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