Lego Launches ‘Braille Bricks’ To Help Blind Children Learn How To Read

  • LEGO is hoping to open a whole new world for blind and visually impaired kids.
  • After a successful pilot program, the toy-maker is rolling out LEGO Braille Bricks
  • They're made so that the studs on top reflect individual letters and numbers in the Braille alphabet, but can also still click together with "regular" bricks.
  • LEGO says all children should have equal opportunity to be creative.
  • The first wave of Braille Bricks is ready to go in six languages, including English, French, and German.


Legos is expanding their Lego options, in addition to the Braille Bricks, last month the company announced that it was launching a classic Nintendo Entertainment System made of Legos. They also debuted a new line of Lego Art that featured The Beatles, Star Wars, Iron man and Marilyn Monroe.

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