How can I be a Pepper, If There is a Dr. Pepper Shortage?

I am a Pepper, and I would like to think you're a Pepper or wouldn't you like to be a Pepper too?

But how can we all be Peppers, if there is a Dr. Pepper shortage? It started as a causal trip to the grocery store to stack-up on your favorite cold beverage - "Darn, they're out! I'll try Ralphs" but then they were out. Then you mention to a friend and they're like "Oh yeah I asked for a Dr. Pepper when I was getting a burger and they were out, now that you mention it". Then months go by and still no Peppers! So you mention on your socials "Anyone notice there is NO Dr. Pepper ANYWHERE?" #DRPEPPERSHORTAGE #WhereistheDrPepper and

"We appreciate your patience and encourage you to contact your local retailer directly for the most up-to-date availability of Dr Pepper products," the statement reads.

The shortage applies to all flavors of Dr Pepper, including the newest flavor Dr Pepper and Cream Soda, according to the brand.

Toilet paper company Charmin cleverly replied, "Welcome to the club. We feel your pain."

"Rest assured we're working with our local distribution partners experiencing low inventory levels in certain markets to meet this increased demand, and we encourage every loyal Dr Pepper fan to continue checking their local retailer for their favorite varieties," the company said.

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