Another Heat Wave Takes Aim at Southland

Time to hunker down and kick on the air conditioning. Another heat wave is coming for Southern California.

Temperatures are forecast to climb this week, leading to another heat wave, according to the National Weather Service.

Downtown Los Angeles will see a high of 81 degrees today - by Friday, it'll be 10 degrees higher, according to the NWS forecast. Pasedena and Saugus will see triple digit temperatures, with Woodland Hills crossing 104. Palmdale and Lancaster won't skip the heat, as they'll see temps of 103 and 104 - not unusual for this time of year in Antelope Valley.

Things will heat up even more by Saturday as Palmdale is forecast to see 106 and Lancaster will 107 - very hot even by Antelope Valley standards.

NWS meteorologist Kristen Stewart said temperatures would run 10 to 15 degrees above normal this week and attributed the coming heat wave to high pressure over the southwest. The high heat between Friday and Monday will also elevate the danger of fires, as well as potential power outages.

L.A. County will see partly cloudy skies along with highs of 73 degrees at LAX; 76 in Avalon; 81 in Long Beach and Downtown Los Angeles; 82 on Mount Wilson; 88 in Burbank and San Gabriel; 90 in Pasadena; 91 in Saugus; 95 in Woodland Hills; and 98 in Palmdale and Lancaster. Temps will inch up slightly on Wednesday.

Sunny skies were forecast in Orange County, along with highs of 74 in Newport Beach, Laguna Beach and San Clemente; 79 on Santiago Peak; 83 on Ortega Highway at 2,600 feet; 84 in Irvine; 85 in Fullerton; 86 in Mission Viejo and Yorba Linda; and 87 in Anaheim. Some communities will hit 90 Thursday and 99 Saturday.

Photo: Getty Images

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