LA Metro to Hold Six Virtual Public Hearings on NextGen Bus Plan

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LOS ANGELES (CNS) - The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority announced today that its service councils will hold a series of six virtual public hearings from Aug. 19-27 to gather additional comments on the NextGen Bus Plan.

The plan is designed to create a fast, frequent and reliable bus network for Los Angeles County, Metro officials said.

After public hearings are held, the Metro Board of Directors will consider the plan, with approved changes to bus routes expected to be implemented after December.

An updated draft of the plan is available at .

The virtual public hearing meetings will be held for the San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley, Gateway Cities, South Bay and the Westside/Central service council areas as well as a general public hearing for all regions.

People can call 877-422-8614 and enter the corresponding extension to listen to the proceedings or to submit comments by phone in their preferred language from the time each hearing starts until it concludes.

Audio and comment lines with live translations in Mandarin, Spanish and Russian will be available. Callers to the comment line will be able to listen to the proceedings while they wait for their turn to submit comments via phone. Audio lines are available for people to listen to the hearings without being called on to provide live public comment via phone.

Comments can also be submitted online via the public hearing agendas, which will be posted at at least 72 hours in advance of each hearing. Public comments will be read during the hearing and comment links will remain open throughout the hearing.

Comments sent via U.S Mail should be addressed to Metro Service Planning & Development; Attn: NextGen Bus Plan Proposed Service Changes; OneGateway Plaza, 99-7-1; Los Angeles, CA 90012-2932. Comments must be postmarked by midnight Aug. 27.

Comments via e-mail should be sent to with the subject line NextGen Bus Plan Proposed Service Changes.

People can fax comments with attention to NextGen Bus Plan Proposed Service Changes at 213-922-6988.

Only comments received via the comment links in the agendas will be read during each hearing.

A list of the virtual meetings, what time they'll be held and for which region can be found at

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