Indiana Mom Pleads for People to Wear Masks After Her Son Catches COVID-19

An Indiana mother's warning about her son's experience with COVID-19 has gone viral online.

According to the Facebook post written by Deborah Rucker, her son, Brady Feeney, a freshman offensive lineman at Indiana University, tested positive for the coronavirus during a screening conducted by the school's football program last month. Following Feeney's diagnosis, he was isolated from his teammates and at one point experienced severe breathing problems that required a trip to the emergency room.

“After 14 days of hell battling the horrible virus, his school did additional testing on all those that were positive,” Rucker wrote. “My son even received extra tests because he was one of the worst cases. Now we are dealing with possible heart issues! He is still experiencing additional symptoms and his blood work is indicating additional problems.

“Bottom line, even if your son’s schools do everything right to protect them, they CAN’T PROTECT THEM!!”

Rucker says she didn't mean to scare anyone about her son's condition, but rather try and educate other people about the virus and how no one is immune.

"I am not one to post about personal family issues because I am not one to ask for help very often!" Rucker wrote on Facebook. "However, in this crazy, chaotic world where a global crisis is not being taken seriously I have decided to post my personal family crisis with the permission of my son, Brady who is struggling with this virus! I am asking each of my friends as a request from my HEART, PLEASE take this serious and wear a mask, excercise social distancing and realize by wearing a mask you could be helping protect those that you love!"

Rucker says IU gave each player their own single room and kept them in specific pods during workouts in order to reduce person-to-person contact as much as possible. IU communicated with players' families at every step, and Rucker said the university did everything they could to keep her son safe. However, despite the precautions, Feeney was among several players who tested positive for COVID-19 in July. Their positive results prompted a team-wide set of tests that eventually led to a two-week suspension of the program.

"I pray my son recovers from this horrible virus and can lead a healthy normal life!! Football does not really matter when your child’s health is in jeopardy!! Think about it!!! My heart is hurting and I pray for all of these kids and for the people making the decisions about the season!!!❤️🙏🏻😢" Rucker wrote.

"Please protect all of those around you and please wear a mask!!!"

Photo: Getty Images

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