Social Media Labels Doctors' Differing Opinions As Fake News


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A group of doctors, assembled by conservative group Tea Party Patriots and calling themselves 'America's Frontline Doctors,' gathered again yesterday in D.C. - after major social media companies took down video of an earlier conference and major news media, including CNN, called their claims 'dubious.'

They say the drug, hydroxychloroquine, works and that they've used it successfully to treat COVID-19 patients. Several doctors spoke at Tuesday's conference, each reiterating the other's stance that the drug, which has been around for about 65 years, is safe. One doctor says hydroxychloroquine was even used previously to treat SARS. 

According to the group, if used during early symptoms or as a prevention, COVID-19 could be wiped out in 30 days. They urged Americans to talk to their own physicians about the drug and to request it if it isn't offered.

One doctor, asked about masks, compared anything less than an N99 or N100 mask as like using a chain link fence to stop sand - saying that lesser masks will help a little, but won't actually keep you or anyone else safe.

They also put 'big tech' on blast saying that they're going after the giants who are trying to censor them.

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