Mark Cuban Wants Us To Buy American

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During the coronavirus pandemic, American businesses have needed our support more than ever. Now there's a tool that lets us sort through our products making sure we only buy American made.

Cultivate, a small start up created by Mark Cuban, just created a tool that allows users to search for anything they wanted and will get search results to only find American products.

Cuban tweeted the link out last week to his million of followers.

This tool will be available through a Google Chrome extension and link you directly to products on Amazon. No matter where you use the tool, it will link you to Amazon products.

According to Cultivate’s site, it verifies that “made in the U.S.” claims are true before it puts them into its database:

“Our processes are built to due diligence various databases and sources in order to verify that claims are, in fact, correct. We use a mix of technological and manual research to build our proprietary product catalogue from which our users see locally made products.”

For more information, please read here.

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