Salon Owners Tell Idiot Newsom to Allow Outdoor Services

Hey Governor Newsom, LET PEOPLE WORK !!

Our buddy Assemblyman Jim Patterson is leading the charge to allow beauty salon professionals to continue to earn during this pandemic !

From Assemblyman Patterson's Zoom press conference:

Thousands of beauty and barbering professionals across the state have joined with Assemblyman Jim Patterson and the Professional Beauty Federation of California to ask Governor Gavin Newsom to change a state regulation that is preventing salons from serving clients outdoors following Monday’s statewide order forcing them to close indoor operations.
Currently, licensed barbershops and salons cannot operate outside of their facility, which means unlike other industries that have been allowed to adapt – they are not allowed to offer services on patios, sidewalks, breezeways or in parking lots. The California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology released a statement Monday clarifying thatSection 7317 of the Business and Professions Code states that all barbering, cosmetology and electrology services must be performed inside a licensed establishment.
Patterson and the Professional Beauty Federation of California will officially request that Governor Newsom grant a temporary waiver of Section 7317 to allow California salons to offer services outside of their licensed establishments during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Glendale salon owner Rosey Ibarra and Assemblyman Jim Patterson joined John & Ken in demanding Governor Newsom allow these businesses to continue.

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